Back to our usual program……and other thoughts..

RFLKRNEW1037If one is wondering what the subject matter means, it has nothing to do with the current winter games that are going on and causing a little havoc with the television viewing patterns of those in the US. After all, some of us who are used to staying up late to watch movies are now getting used to watching curling and skeleton. Odd too that ‘skeleton’ is now a sport, considering kids have been doing this on sleds for years. In our neighborhood, this was considered an introduction to the ‘I want to be like Evel Knievel Club’, due to us acting foolhardy….and not having any protective gear.

So in any event let’s catch up on a few things. The family shop is for all intents, on a form of financial life support. Without deliniating the gory details, such as they are…the fact that the state has not gotten into this…even though there is a ‘grace period’ on businesses that are in flux after the passing of an owner, the fact that NYS is slow on the draw has been a minor blessing. Along with that though has been the curse of those being involved in the situation who have less than honorable or honest motives. This is not meant to be mean, per se. There are those who have brought the level of pettyness, that seems more the arena and prevue of the talk show circuit geared to the less intellectually gifted among us into the workplace. And some wonder why there are those who are openly hostile to some when it comes down to employment or education. Going into how that happened could be termed as visceral, but truth is not always a pretty thing.

RFLKRNEW1041As for the health issues, those are stable. Ironically, the cold I had a
few days ago was the first one  that happened here in close to a year. That is a record. A year….which goes to how well the diet and other items do work here. As well as understanding that if one does not want to be read a riot act or see numbers that indicate one should be making a reservation for the day when they meet St. Peter…then one does the right thing. Yes, it means not having that active a social life, but giving into that type of peer pressure can only result in this person being on her back in hospital again and as much as I love the folks who did work on getting me back to health, I do not love them that much to make a return visit.Plus the cats would be hyper-upset if I were to not be here. After all, whoever would be taking care of them does not know where the stash of pot, I mean catnip is.

Plus as was mentioned to ****, as well as the cats…I am back to tutoring again. This is sill as fun as it was before. It has less to that feeling of being needed, this is more about…passing on what is known here and also letting those know that in some cases what is being taught may or may not be the overall common parlance. For example, what is being mentioned in some cases in re: English is still based on what many of us kids heard on the radio, thanks to the BBC wireless service. Those were and STILL are fantastic courses, but how the language usage [syntax and context] has morphed can cause some problems. Which is where I come in and explain that what could be considered to be acceptable is more or less a minor colloquialism, but may not work when one is in an office setting. [Think in terms of how ‘Brooklynese’ would work in a movie about baseball, but does not operate rather well if one is in the corporate office of let’s say a Fortune 500 firm.

While doing this, I also do research on other issues, to back up my own knowledge of same and it is rather sad, if not frightening that many here in the US are using junk science, as well as ethnocentric based thought patterns to advance a social movement. Not necessarily for the right reasons, but for selfish ones.  No one, least of all yours truly is in favor of any type of discrimination [except towards those who are felons who have, to be blunt have violated society’s rules and as such deserve derision] but when things are done, via using lies about government programs, etc. to justify an action, then is it any wonder why there are some who look upon those in a particular sector with anger and at times, disgust. It calls into question if people actually have read about what they are protesting for, as well as understand the possible outcome[s] of same. As for those using bad science to say their points are valid, what many are not that aware of is that some of what they are using to advance their points had been done before. But when that did happen, it was done during the middle of the last century, by folks who were using same to turn parts of the world into their [quoting Rod Serling] ‘own personal burial ground’ [see the script for ‘Deathshead Revisited’ ….a classic Twilight Zone episode that needs to be seen to understand that the same level of arrogance on the part of the agenda pushers is similar to that of the main character in the script]. Sadly perhaps these folks just wanted to change a couple words to feed deficient egos, as well as create a greedy level of social change for some honorable, but many purient purposes.

Now if the above sounded a tad terse, it was meant that way. Part of any honest discussion….ANY HONEST DISCUSSION of what the society is coming to is going to need that. No patronizing, no propaganda, no lying. It also requires us to openly admit that we have created, fostered and established an ugly  profit motive into an environment, where only some lives are considered valuable due to hue or melanin levels, while others can be killed without thought, conscience and in some very very sick ways….rewarded. Plus, if this is related to some level of social psychosis, the seeds for not correcting this were set in motion when the shift was from remedying these ills [which some have actually used as excuses for being racist or against a particular religion] in a somewhat more clinical setting and letting them be dealt with in places that are akin to Attica or via psychoactive medications, which in their own way, may have helped to hasten these problems. Again, this may not be nice to hear, but facts are not nice to look at, especially when they indicate that the US is looking at repeating what other ’empires’ have done. And we know from the records the end results.

So that is it for now. The schedule needs to be adhered to again so I am awake, let alone available to tutor for the next few weeks. That schedule means I do need to keep to the diet because a visit to Steve the Cardio is on the boards soon and the last thing I want is another riot act *S*


RFLKRNEW1044So from the land of the colourtini…..and til after the next oilchange or strange incidents with humans…..enjoy the words as the pics fly through the air…


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