Reality, honesty and other items are not just ‘concepts’ or ‘playthings’

RFLKRNEW1053If one is wondering or in looking at the sbubject line that this is going to be some type of internet-based sermon, or even something akin to ‘______’ [fil in the blank] shaming, no that is not the case. But we are in a world where even those words, those very words are more like ‘concepts’ to be brought, uttered so some can feel as though they are doing something important. A feather in the cap that says ‘what a good person I am’, etc. But I am going to save the editorial comments about that for a little later on.

Since the last dispatch, while there has been a major upswing in the amount of business at the family shop, there has been a problem with the funds that are needed to clear things up. Conversations and chats via a circuitous route have shown that there are several, rather severe outstanding amounts. If one is wondering how much, for those of a certain age, think of how much it would have cost for a major league team to have claimed a utility infielder off of waivers and one would get the idea. Yes, it is that amount. What is scary and at the same time disappointing is how things got to this point. And there is a deep level of disappointment in that one would think that others would have done the right or the honest things to insure that a legacy would exist beyond a finite arena of time.

RFLKRNEW1046When these issues are either closer to being resolved or being same in fullthe odds are we can then move ahead with the advertising that has been waiting in the wings. In that stead, as was mentioned to **** a few nights back, I was able to secure the clearance and renew same on two songs by Renaissance. One of them is a little more than apt, considering world events. As beautiful as it is, there is a deep irony in the lyrics that the late Betty Thatcher had penned for same [if you are wondering which song, it is the second track from the Renaissance album ‘Prologue’] but for what is being planned, it’s the lovely instrumental opening. John Tout showed even early on that his piano work was out of this world….and it is from there we will draw the aural imprint.

As for what is going on here, well we have been dealing with the less than honest intentions [my term here] of those who want to use some of the space the landlord has for moving out to this part of town problems the more respectable section of the city do not want to have or see. We are not the only city where this happens, hence this is not something where I am saying ‘woe is me’. Far from it, this has to so with that funny little idea of the ‘social contract’. The ‘shared burden’ of a society to be their ‘brother’s keeper’. It seems that this is something that is one of those lovely bromides that is discussed either in houses of worship during that time of the week, or at city council meetings when the cameras are on. But what is honestly happening is that those folks who would be better suited to being ‘second story men and women'[kids, ask your parents about that term] are exiled from the gentrified sections of the town to be marginalized out in the deep burbs. In this city’s case, the east side of town. Out of sight…out of mind….out of range of the cameras. Unless of course, it’s sweeps time. Then it’s time to go out and point fingers in the name of a few ratings points or even sicker, try to get votes. What a city…then again too, what a country.

RFLKRNEW1055And that in it’s own way get into something that has been bothering me for quite some time. Well, myself and others who are seeing the ‘level playing field’ for what it is, with the hypocrisy in same. As what happened in Florida and Arizona. What was sad about the Florida situation is that it exposed to the rest of the planet that the US seems to feel as though that if those who are are of a different hue look ‘threatening’ then it is ok to kill them. After all, the law will protect them from being prosecuted for murder….and it will be ok to even bully those said same ones of color into being extremely afraid of just walking the streets. Or even going to the store. And there is a rather sick and ugly connection to what happened in Arizona re: a religious liberties bill . The common conduit here is that there are those activists in Arizona who want to be protected from a business refusing to do business with same due to an objection about lifestyle or other issues, are some of the same ones who see nothing wrong with someone being killed in Florida due to ‘the law being the law’.  That may seem a tad simplistic, but if this were brought down to street level, one has to look at who was involved in the activism in Arizona and those are simply wanting to be able to live without fear in Florida and they will see something rather scary. If not sickening. This has to do with that some feel their rights are to be protected above the letter of the law that others have to follow, while others who they claim to share a ‘kindred spirit’ about civil rights are to be placed back in the steerage section of the bus.

Let’s be clear here: no one…as has been said from here before is in favor of discrimination in any form. And this is something I stress to all of those who I close to, who I tutor and who I consider and call members of my extended family. Yes, if Rae and Marty were human….I would tell them the same thing. But what I am also not in favor of is blatant hypocrisy on the parts of those who claim to know better. Especially those who I have a common characteristic with, that being …a part of the same generation. Not only are the attitudes which were mentioned in the above paragraph rather common among those who have a few years or even a decade and a half beyond the half-century mark, but this has been passed on/down to others. Especially to the younger generation…no matter what the melanin level or even the gender status or who they love. Those who are impressionable and want to find a place to belong or something that says ‘gee I am just like the ones who came before me’. Again thankfully, this is not an occurance among the kids who I am around, or the adults who do know the score. Thank God for them, if only due to the fact they have a mature mindset, even while they are playful at the same time. But we seem to be in a bit of a minority, being honest enough to walk away from the clouds of myopia….not willing to blatantly deride others to fit in a group of other folks practicing derision. Then again, growing up is not something all do…which is why be it businesses or even places where those of the senior set want to gather bear a resemblance to a cross of kindergarten and high school…except no one graduated. If there is a solution or light at the end of the tunnel, it’s that maybe someday some may get a Scrooge-like epiphany. But at times, hoping for that is like asking that the Chicago Cubs actually get to a World Series and ….perish the thought……win.

RFLKRNEW1049Before closing this, if you have noticed two different hairstyles/colors used in the pics, this was part of something inspired by the folks I run with. Meaning the wine red ones.  For one, yes this color can happen naturally for those of us with built-in suntans, this has to do with that funny little thing about ‘A,T,G,C’ and Peptide bonds [Middle/High School Biology, folks]…as well as other factors. And for another, I like the color….although I will not wear it to see a member of the ‘gang of five’, but it’s something to have around in case there is something I do want to go to and try something a tad different.  Lastly, I wanted to see if I could do this as well as some of those who I hang out with online. These will get better soon enough, over time *S*


So there you have it……a little news, some pics and some food for thought til the next time. And until that next said same dispatch….from the land of the Colourtini….enjoy the words as the pics fly through the air…


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