The Dude Delivers…….and other references that are a little apt.

RFLKRNEW1067I realize the title here may be a tad on the strange side, as well as the fact that unless one is familiar with a ‘cult’ movie called ‘The Big Lebowski’, not many will get the reference. That is ok, in that why this and others soon to be used will become apparent soon.

Well today or rather 5/13 was the yearly visit to my Iowa Bro, Steve the Cardio. Ok, before it’s said….no we are not related. Far from it, Steve and myself are about as different as night and day, so to speak. That said, he is very important around here, because he was the one, along with his team to notice that the reason for the shortness of breath, the lack of being able to walk longer than a few feet was rooted in congestive heart failure. A rather scary illness/affliction/condition, which has connections to fluid in the lungs, as well as causing the kidneys to either not function as they should.My thinking has been that if he or others did not pick up on this, perhaps these words would not be read. If only due to me not being here. But being the Dude he is, Steve came up with the right diagnosis. Hence….the Dude abides, or abided.


As those who have been reading these posts know, there was a ‘riot act’ that Steve alsoRFLKRNEW1066 enacted towards me due to a weight issue. In the nicest of terms, because I had more mass in the system than needed, it caused the heart and other damaged organs to do more work, which resulted in more stress. More stress also meant that the budy could not function as it should, let alone the mind. Even if I were to appear to be lucid, this was more like the body overcompensating for the fact that there was some distress in same. This is not a ‘poor poor pitiful me’ statement, it’s just how things work. Thanks to Steve, members of is staff and other folks in the ‘gang of five’ circle, we were able to get these under control. Not completely perfect, but with a level of being at bay which is progresss. And now we are on the ballpark of where I only will see Steve once a year. Something says I should schedule this during March Madness, so that we can compare notes about why the Hawkeyes and the Golden Gophers cannot get out of the first round.

There is another item in having these journeys, in that they bear a little bit of like ‘A Trip To The Fair’ by Renaissance. There is a major difference between the song and what is out there in 3D. While the song is about an abandones amusement park, what exists on the bus runs are a bemusement park. Just as scary too, but in a jugular vein. The overall saving grace is that there is some scenery long the way which takes the edge off from that odd, strange and profane. Freud would have had a major field day… for myself, it’s great training if I wanted to go back for a master’s/PhD degree in advanced abnormal psychology, connected to tribalism groupthink. Assuming of course, the little ones here are ok with that.

RFLKRNEW1068On the little furry family front, Rae and I have been acting like parents to Marty, due to her being a tad ill. While she has a slight personal resemblance to the original ‘That Darn Cat’ [in the first version, the cat…also nicknamed ‘D.C.’ was a Siamese…which Marty is, although the movie cat was male. There are some traits in that are common in both genders of Siamese cats…and Marty has those on board]…she has been back on the mend. We went through this before a couple years ago….and in the case here, her recovery has included her sleeping a little more than usual, eating tuna, jumping on the couch to keep me company while typing and the rather forceful entry into the shower Tuesday morning. As I was getting myself ready for the cosmetics to paint the epiphelial canvas, she was yelling at me. Rae normally does this and the language used there is forceful for a Maine Coon/Tabby Mix. In Marty’s case, the growl had the typical Siamese emphasis of ‘You are supposed to be here with me: flling my dishm cutting out the weird stray fur and putting on some Renaissance so I can relax in the living room!!!!’ Well I am doing that now….she is right be me and recovering on her own terms. Something like how ‘Citizen Kane’ dealt with how he saw love. That being on his own terms. Not that she has a sled called ‘Rosebud’ or is planning to run for governor of a state….or even build an concert house so that our favorite bands could play for an audience of her, Rae, myself and a few of my favorite select friends [including one the kitties have decided is the main human they want me to be with.

There has been one constant or rather two constants otherwise that have been running in RFLKRNEW1072the background, like they have in the past posts. One being the issue of the shop, which in spite of the tinkering, as well as the demeaning behavior of the egg donor, bearing a passing likeness to that of Ralph Kramden’s mother in law from ‘The Honeymooners’ is still a going concern. I have to credit my sis on this one, because she is doing all the right things that were needed. The hope is…and more likely it will happen…that the business will get back to where it was before. It will take some time…and in turn some tough calls, but it will get there overall.

The other constant, is the seemingly increasing lack of maturity among th adults. I do not know what is in the water or for that matter the chemical cocktails, but it’s almost as though Orwell’s ‘Animal Farm’ has become more and more of a reality. At the very least, some in the book did get a conscience or the barnyard version of same. But humans it seems see consciences as being a ‘luxury item’, no different than lighted, high resolution mirrors in a car. There is always the concern if this is passed on to the younger generation, then they will continue the pattern. Thankfully, there are those who are not biting on the hook, like salmon who do not know any better.

RFLKRNEW1070One other note before closing: if one has noticed in the pics, there is something like a standard look to them. Not uniform per se…but a look….be it digital or film that is being used. This I credit those wonderful ‘kids’ who I have become friends with. The inspiration that I get from viewing how they do things, same. That makes being there for them when things happen or there is a request all the more enjoyable. A ‘Net-mom’ for. A tutor. While this in no way, shape or form makes me ‘Mrs. Cleaver’..seeing those folks, talking to them and exchanging ideas, from all corners of the planet does the heart a world of good.As well as lets Rachel and Marissa know they have a very large, extended family.


RFLKRNEW1071So there you have it……and if you did get the above references in same, congrats. This means that you, like yours truly…actually did pay attention in those courses where popular culture was used to be a metaphor/metaphors for the world around us. And til next time…..from the land of the colourtini….enjoy the words as the pics fly through the air.



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