Sidd Finch Lives again….

RFLKRNEW1170No I am not channeling my inner George Plimpton, however, seeing this is the day this is being posted, it is rather apt. For those who do not remember, look up on the Sports Illustrated site for what this is in reference to *S*

In any event, we celebrate here … addition to this being Marty’s first Easter, it is also time to honor the fact that the fast held.Yep…..and of all things, we do have a floor for the weight. It is not 180, rather it is 190lbs. Now granted, it is 10 lbs off of where I wanted to be, which was 180. Hence I could scare the daylights out of Steve the Cardio in May. Only kidding there, I love the guy like he is my brother and we do kid each other during those visits. No different than with my other docs. However, the 190 is one hell of an accomplishment, considering where things were before. As Rachel my oldest cat could tell you, as the ‘gang of five’ could tell as well……I was so far out of shape and close to other crap 3+ years ago, that Steve did read me that infamous ‘Riot Act’. Now…well you see the results here.

RFLKRNEW1180As for everything else going on..Marty is fully a member of the family and while I do get a tad upset that she decides to wake me up ad the oddest of hours, as long as she and Rachel are happy and healthy, that is what matters. In addition to same, the fact they do not get near any of the water in this place or any part of the plex helps a great deal. The city has really not gone out of it’s way to make overall improvements to other aspects of life in this section of town, outaide of some isolated pockets, so the issue with the water is nothing new. Hence, as long as they are going to be…pardon this…jerks about the issue, the kitties will be on filtered water. As well as being careful about their other food. No different than how I am about my own diet.

Before closing this out two other thoughts:

– One has to wonder if what has happened in the midwest was some type of karmic response to how some, in the name of fairness put themselves above the law or, have usurped the issues facing other groups, which have been part of their dialog and struggle for years. What that midwest state did in their recent passing of a draconian bill was and is another definition of insanity, but some of those who are saying they are the  ‘downtrodden’ [again not my friends or those I am close to due to other reasons, I mean those adults who are setting this example and those who are gullible enough to swallow same] have made it easy for such legislation to be passed by acting in ways that are myopic, selfish and egocentric. There are several other states that have similar bills pending and if they pass, it will show to the rest of the world, we are becoming more and more balkanized. As well as showing that Margaret Atwood was right about where we were headed. And if this seems a little out of place, keep in mind that Bill Maher said basically the same thing, in a piece about how the left has a similar, mirror version of those not playing with a full deck as the right has. Hence,  great minds do think alike.

RFLKRNEW1186– A couple of the pics here were from a bit of an experiment, due to the fact that…..yes, we can do this as well [As well as being inspired to do so by some of ‘my kids’…who are aces]. There is a rather vicious and ugly narrative out there, be it internal to minorities, as well as those who are ‘anglo’ [not all….so let’s get that straight now] that we should not do this. It’s wrong, emulating the ‘master race’ and other assorted horse manure. To that I say BS, we can…and there is basic, simple biological science that can back me up on this, 6 ways from Sunday. As well as the fact that, limiting one to what is [SIC] ‘part of one’s genetic or social makeup’ due to some lowered form of expectations is another form of insanity. Lord knows I do not buy into that, my friends do not do so either… has to wonder why the hell others do.


RFLKRNEW1184So with that…there is the latest dispatch…and til next time….from the land of the colourtini…enjoy the words as the pics fly through the air.


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Just another geekette from the Pacific Northwest. Windows computer tech, as well as the mom to 2 cats. My blog is more or less about life; the adventures in fixing PC's, the trips to the doctors....otherwise known as my 'gang of five who keep me alive', the cats...and thoughts about a particular person who I am deeply smitten with [if the person only knew how deep that goes *S*]. Otherwise, this is ordinary.
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