Another month, some progress and it takes a lot to….

RFLKRNEW1135Well we are one month closer to the annual celebration of one more year here around the sun. As much as I am not happy with global warming adding to the heat here, at the very least…under the right circumstances, the scenery in this burg is beautiful. The breezes also help when Rae and Marty decide to stare down the birds and the humans in the carpark from the windows *S*

As for the other part of the title, well it does take a lot to make yours truly upset. To want to go ‘Brooklyn’ on a few of those biological specimens who tend to have this need to make life a little rough on the rest of us, due to their insufficient ego. That or their parents never really taught them right from wrong. Be that as it may, let me list a few of the items that those collections of cells harp on a few of us on, due to how they bought into the stereotypes on same:RFLKRNEW1229

-Finances or lack of them. There are some of us who get derided due to we do not look as though we are of a particular status, that we should buy ‘X,Y or Z’ in order to fit in or worse that it is our fault if, for some reason we are on a limited/fixed income and therefore are not worthy of any type of respect. This cheeses me off to no end and for many good reasons. As far as our clothing, image, visage…what have you…many of us came from households and a generation that said to put one’s best foot forward and to make an effort in same. It is bad enough there are enough prejudicial idiots out there, who make rather sickening judgement calls on that basis as it is. No need to give these punks any ammunition. Dovetailing on that, guess what?? Some of us have to budget on what is and is not important, which last time I checked was and IS a part of becoming an adult. And if something is not in the budget, well it goes on the back burner for a while or we try to find it via other legot means. Like yours truly does: most of the little ‘electronic music and PC toys’ here are either second hand via ebay or were discontinued items that when doing the research on same, more than met the needs here [case in point: the pics on this blog and my other ones are from ebay purchases of old, out of stock AGFA digital cameras, which stil work, the CD’s I listen to in the store are playing on a long discontinued SONY CD Walkman….refurbed. There are a couple other refurbed backups to that here, due to the fact they were dirt cheap and if I have to be in and out of the doc’s offices like mad, I will have players that work to take the edge of the meaning of the trips, etc].


WigForest 1That goes for the hair or clothes, same thing. The ‘wig forest’ here for the most part, like about 98% of the time was bought after budgeting on them. Same with the tops, dresses, etc. They wait due to priorities in the flat….like medicines, food….and of course….Rae and Marty. And this becomes more of an issue, as in the budgeting skills because yours truly thanks to those long long mentioned medical issues … on a fixed income. SSI for those who live here in the US. It stinks…but it does mean in a sense that due to some other programs connected to same, the health is taken care of….and lord knows I will not want to mess that up either. Call it not wanting to waste the amount spent to make sure I am a part of the living. [Others I know are in the same boat and you would not know it…..and it’s better that way]

RFLKRNEW1164Race and Gender – Yeah, this has been stated time and time again from here…..yet it needs to be mentioned again because it makes me mad that there are still those who act in a patronizing fashion about this to those who are of color, have gender issues or……heaven help them….both. On that last one, it is thanks to the rather rotten social conditioning we do have in the US that allows some to the ‘luxury’ of looking down on others who are not like them. Damn idiots. Worse still are those who insist on living down to this because, it makes them more ‘legitimate’…or gaining more street cred, whichever term you see as more apt.


I guess this means to some I am not legit then, as are some of those I hang out with online RFLKRNEW1222or via chats at the markwet etc [the same folks who I will defend because they are not just ‘my kids’ etc…they are my family and no one messes with my family, lest they want to have a bad result]. After all, yours truly does not really fit the ethnic end of this. Dropping the extra ballast over the past few years and keeping it that way runs against conventional wisdom. We are supposed to be of ‘girth’ as it were. Wearing different color contact lenses is heresy, even though geneticall speaking, we have the chemicals in the system to have green, blue, grey, etc eyes. Same with the different haircolors via wigs [which are needed due to medicine related hair thinning]. Instead of the flat being filled with remnants of past conquests, this place has books, CD’s DVD’s and other items to feed the mind, not the notches on the bedpost. Some think we are nothing but animals on that basis alone, those who are not like that and prefer to act ‘human’ and make their way in life via a higher plane, are considered to be persona non grata. Add the gender issue to this and the stereotype floodgates open even further. Like being a part of the ‘t’ end of that ‘rainbow spectrum’ [physics folks will tell you the one being used is inaccurate by those displaying same and that is a class for another time, outside of what ‘ROY G. BIV’ means]. Then we are supposed to act close to what is on the disasterous wasteland that daytime TV is or what is mentioned on cop fiction. It is that bad….and if I were to have raised Rae and Marty like my human daughters and had them model that behavior, I would be setting them up for failure, or being trapped in a stereotypical role for life, unless they worked at distancing themselves from same. Which is what I do, even if it means that some who are superficial ignore me. Fine, I can deal with that…there are others who do as well. They are few, but they are part of the human parade that exists, not dividing themselves out to be special snowflakes. And if one wants to improve themselves via the mind, their visage in a healthy vein and being around those who support the upper end of the life scale, that is a beautiful thing. Others who want to bring others down due to the ‘legitimacy’ issue…..fine, wallow in the mire, folks. The specimens that do so tend to be….well, let’s not be mean here…

There you have it…..a little of what makes me pissed off from time to time. The good news is that I do hang with those who do not think in those terms. Be it those I tutor, those I chat with online to even where the heart skips a couple beats. After all, Rae and Marty would not want their mom to be any other way and I agree with them.


RFLKRNEW1238So from the land of the colourtini……..enjoy the words as the pics fly through the air…


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Just another geekette from the Pacific Northwest. Windows computer tech, as well as the mom to 2 cats. My blog is more or less about life; the adventures in fixing PC's, the trips to the doctors....otherwise known as my 'gang of five who keep me alive', the cats...and thoughts about a particular person who I am deeply smitten with [if the person only knew how deep that goes *S*]. Otherwise, this is ordinary.
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