One has to hope that…..

RFLKRNEW1287More often than not, that is a phrase that can be connected to the concept of one making resolutions.  As in ‘One has to hope that’ or ‘One can only hope that’ things or people will improve on things in the main, with a new year that comes around. BUT…….as others brighter than I [meaning Rachel and Marissa] have pointed out….’humans will only improve on things, when their individual self interests are served’. In that regard, they are not talking about the members of their large and growing extended family,  which is a diverse group of persons….excellent folks in their own rights….but they are talking in terms of others who are ‘human in name only’, if that makes sense.

This is not a cynical view, it is one of those sad realities of dealing with this modern life, which was predicted by writers as varied as Serling, Chayefsky, Bradbury, Atwood,  Johnson and others. They saw many years ago that for some reason, the human in the public version or those among close friends…is just something that is a ‘feel good’ talking point. Something to make one feel as though they are doing good, but really it covers up a series of failings. Yep….yours truly used to engage in that line of thinking….but when one does have those funny little medical issues like what happened here, as well as being in a position over time where one is an example to others…..then yeah, one gets the point that talk and platitudes are cheap. Doing the right thing because it is that, without seeking some type of emotional reward or otherwise…while hard work in itself is more logical over the long term, benefits more and to be honest… more satisfying. With the dopemine release being the same as the other, but more legitimate.

By the way, this sort of connects to another little social issue, which has to do with those RFLKRNEW1286out there who want to say who is legitimate and who is not, based on some type of visible status …or for that matter gaming the system so a status may seem like an item worthy of an entitlement. There are a few people on my friends list who, like yours truly, have medical issues that, while are rather serious and prevent some things from being done…does not mean that the person is any less valid as a fellow human. Let alone does not mean they are worthy of being seen as ‘not real’ or ‘not disabled’ etc.  In actual point of fact, there are quite a few items that cannot be seen openly, but we work with them…and thrive in spite of same. ‘Thrive’ even with what is going on not having a good public relations department or not having some shallow celebrity shilling for the issue to show they are a ‘good person’.  Just remember that in this new year, if one is going to try to improve their view of their fellow person, one way to do this is to not treat someone as less human because they do not fit some visceral, myopic view of what their malady is….or try to pigeonhole same into areas where [SIC] ‘…the person would be more comfortable’. In that stead, the ‘comfort’ is more about the bigoted jerk who thinks that way and less about the person affected.



So that is it for now.  Yep there will be another next month after this has past… has come in and gone and then the plotting for what to do for next month for one of those humans who Rachel the Momcat would like to see around her, Marty and Yours Truly. So til then…….From the land of the colourtini……enjoy the words as the pics fly through the air….


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….And the numbers are stable…..

RFLKRNEW1139About the title: The latest ‘oilchange’ with Todd was done this past Friday and yep…the numbers are stable. More like they have been that way for the past year and a half. That is a great thing, considering the amount of stressful issues that have gone on in the ‘plex, along with what has been going on otherwise.  The good news is that at the very very least, I am where I was last year…give or take a few lbs, but stayed within the lines.

While I cannot due to some pending items discuss the ‘plex doings…..the medical ones actually confirmed a little something here…and others may want to get the drift here as well. The fact that all other items have been stable is a tribute to not just the care, but also understanding the difference between what is a medical necessity to live day to day…..and engaging in an ‘elective’ routine of ingesting items that could undo the good that did happen, in order to fit in with those who have little respect for others who are doing the right thing because they have to. If that sounds like a large amount to digest here, read that statement a few times…….then let it sink in. Once the logic becomes apparent, then it will make sense.  [Besides, if I did screw things up, I would not be would not be around for my kids and those I am close to…..or be able to even think of planning on doing some things that are a little out of the ‘conventional wisdom wheelhouse’]


As well as the following: one can do what is done here without the benefit of those RFLKRNEW1053chemicals or anything else that is invasive. After all, those are ‘electives’ [as was said before…..and it needs to be stated that is the case]and to be blunt, unless other things are dealt with, those are as useful as a fake hood scoop was on a 1969-70 Dodge Charger.  Being ornamental, but not improving performance. Gee, it does look good though, until one understands what it does….or for that matter does not do. Same logic applies to what the ‘gang of five’ has done for yours truly…..and that anything else would not really improve things.  Not PC but that is the case.

So now it is on to the next visit with Courtney the primary. Something says that the chat will be in the same vein like with Todd…as in we will talk a few min about the numbers….and then it will be like catching up with family. And why not….the gang is part of the large extended family that Rae and Marty have..a great group of folks if there ever was one. A family by choice, not by bloodline….which is pretty damn cool.Oh yeah….she like the others have told me in detail what could have been undone if the other path was being followed. And like with the other folks…..I am not going to disagree or argue.

And with that….it is now back to the usual. This time of year….it is also playing the Renaissance WNEW-FM Christmas show from 1977 on the CD player. Some are going to have to get used to hearing the whistled version of the sax solo from ‘Touching Once’…which to these ears, is still one of the best live sax solos in rock.  This along with making sure the cats are happy towards the end of the NFL Season. Rae’s Chiefs are playoff bound….all things considered….Marty’s Chargers, uh…uh….are playing for a good spot on Draft Day. Thank goodness I have enough organic catnip in the house…..along with some Pink Floyd for Marty to handle after the games *S*




With this dispatch at it’s denouement ….until next time….enjoy the words as the pics fly through the air.

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Postponing til after the next ‘oil change’

RFLKRNEW1299There will be no update per se at this time due to the fact that things are a bit somber……but will save dame for after the next ‘oil change’, which is with Todd the Nephrologist on the 11th. Then we should be back to the regular program…

So be watching the page then….

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Very short….but the old equipment works, the humans around us in this burg, not so much

RFLKRNEW1292Just a short one on this end. Let’s start out with the good news on two ends. One being that the diet is actually still on in spite of problems that have been going on in the background, with some of the humans. So at the very least, the next visit I have with members of the ‘gang of five’ will be a good one.


Secondly the old AGFA 1212u scanner does work under Windows 10. But for that to be the case, it took loads of research and then finding what could at best, be called a ‘creative workaround’ to this [email me later if interested, the tactic is cool, albeit a tad sneaky], the machine does work. Now it is a matter of working around the color balance issues in same.

As for the humans, well that is another kettle of fish altogether. But what I will say is that I RFLKRNEW1294am following the advice that I give ‘my kids’ as in the ones who I am a net-mom for, as well as the ones I do tutor [As well as the ones I am close to or severely smitten with]. Which is to say that when someone, be they an ‘authority figure’ or someone else decides to act in a manner which is detrimental, unseemly, illegal, vile, despicable, rotten, crude, boorish or is bullying to stand one’s ground. Or to paraphrase what Billy Joel says at the end of his concerts:


‘Don’t take no sh*t from nobody!!!’


He may not be a Brooklyn Kid, but the advice is apt…and hopefully will have more to state about what is going on later….


RFLKRNEW1295With that above said, will save the other stuff for another post…..enjoy the brevity of the words as the pics fly through the air….

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A mini update because it has been a tad sane….

RFLKRNEW1273Not much has happened here. Outside of the fact that work that is being done on the complex, which in turn has driven TheRoyalBadnesses a bit nuts. As well as their human. But it is fall and it is that time of year when I do become more busy behind the screen of the PC. Yep…school has started and that means tutoring and proofreading of papers.

As has been mentioned in the past, I enjoy doing those activities because, well it’s an extension of what I do with Rae and Marty and others are getting the same lectures. It is the hope here that in doing so, the folks I do this for will in turn pass this on to others and so on. When that happens…then it will mean that the logic will spread in same and that will hopefully brighten the level of discourse that does exist. And if one has been paying attention, that has gone to a level more than 220 points below the ‘Mendoza Line’ [baseball fans will get the reference. If one has not, look up ‘Mario Mendoza’ or ‘George Brett’, who coined the term.

RFLKRNEW1274About the pics….this will the last set for a while. This has to do with a medical issue, as in the left eye had a couple vessels. My eye doc mentioned that this will clear up on it’s own in about 3 weeks, as well as the fact I will not need to take medications to make me look like ‘Countess Dracula’ . So, the cameras will be rested in the interim.

RFLKRNEW1280That is about it for now. Even if this time is a tad dull, to me this is about the right speed. And it does beat the daylights out of several alternatives, which are not pleasing in the least. As followers of this blog know, those have been discussed in detail….not a one of those are anything that I would want to have happen or even be a part of. After all, in addition to not being able to express what is in the heart to those who are near and sear, there is also the issue of not making Rae or Marty orphans. They do not deserve to have their mom have a demise before her time…


RFLKRNEW1283That is about it for now. Even if this time is a tad dull, to me this is about the right speed. And it does beat the daylights out of several alternatives, which are not pleasing in the least.

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With another year in….there is a little more good news…

RFLKRNEW1258Yes, it has been another year….well rather it was that on September 1st. And while that was a busy day, it was productive and portends well for the rest of this year and leading into the next completion of the next.

First off, there is a new script in for the contacts. Not that I have anything against wearing glasses, because I did for years, but there is a need to still have folks understand that the ‘strike zone’ as it were, is above the 38th parallel. Not being glib in saying that….far from it. Just it would be nice that some listen with their ears to what is being said, instead of outsourcing that to the eyes or even something a little more primal.RFLKRNEW1259

Secondly….the place has gotten a tad more quiet, thanks to some departures of those who were causing a few problems with the denizens of the plex. The timing could have been a little better…but it did happen before the school year. And this means that when I am tutoring folks at odd hours, it will be quieter. Well a little quieter, the Rae and Marty do play during that time as well. Not that I mind, they are my kids as well *S* …no different than those who I lecture and teach to. Oh yes, from last year, there have been a few graduates, a couple going on to advanced unis and other endeavors. A nice way of saying….ALL MY KIDS DO WELL!!! All backgrounds, all stations.

The past year has also, speaking of my kids and friends…some really fantastic friendships. The type where there are none of those artificial barriers that some actually thrive in creating, as a means of control. I do not operate like that…..if only due to the fact that there is a need to show a better example of behavior to Rae, Marty and those I am in circles with. Again, as has been said previous…whatever goes on here is 1/xxxxxx of all the other items in this life. And time is too short to be micromanaging same.

RFLKRNEW1265As for the pics being shown here….well one more year has yielded some improvements. The weight has remained low and the odd hours, along with just some simple changes in the diet and trips out on those lovely errands to play air guitar in the tea aisle have paid off. Now it is a matter of keeping this going for another 365 ….


RFLKRNEW1268Before closing this out….Rae still makes it clear as to which humans she wants to see around her mom. She is less concerned about items like race, creed, religion, gender status, etc. She has in her own way created her list, which she has, via other means mentioned to Marty about who their human should share those nights of Renaissance, the Moody Blues, Yes, Twilight Zone DVD’s, sunsets, etc. I hope she is right on all of this….it would make this and the upcoming years all the better….



So with that….and will save other commentaries for next time when there is a little more caffeine in the IV and the tank…..from the land of the Colourtini…enjoy the words as the pics fly through the air…

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A slight delay…the main post will be Labor Day Weekend…

No pics or anything like that. The next post from here will be this coming weekend……just to combine different items into one coherent piece….

As we would say way back when…..stay tuned *S*

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