A Little about Yours Truly…..

There is not much to tell. I am a geekette from the Pacific Northwest. 20 years or so in the game of fixing PC’s, but that is only a small part of who I am. Along with that, I am the mom to 2 cats….Rachel and Marissa…for some reason, the ‘cool mom’ to several folks in twitter, facebook and myspace and off and on staff shrink to some of our local busdrivers. Oh yes….my interests range from Photography to Computers to [Hard-Factual Based] Science Fiction to Old Movies to Sports to Politics to Music. On the latter, I thrive on listening to classical as well as classically influenced rock [Renaissance and the Moody Blues…to start] to progressive jazz [my fave musician of all time being Charlie Parker]

Even though I am old enough in some cases to be someone’s parent by a few years…I try to be young minded and prefer to talk with those who are same or more or less have not given up on life and are in their own way, headed towards God’s Waiting Room. And yes, as you more than likely read in the posts, I am smitten with one particular person….will not say whom…but I can say that the heart feels for her as much as I do for my cats.


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