And now we set up some benchmarks for the upcoming year….as well as acknowledging those who have helped in getting to this point

RFLKRNEW1212If one is wondering what the title means, this has to do in part with the fact that I have passed through the two yearly visits with Steve the Cardio and Wai the rheumatologist…with flying colors. With little worry, outside of a possible issue with pinched nerves on the left side. But they were shocked by the fact that…..well there is much less of their patient in front of them…and that is a good thing.
RFLKRNEW1213Hence one of the things I need to insure and set the benchmark for same. As in when I do walk into those offices again in 365 days or so, that I do not look any different in those key indicators. For some this may seem to be a rather arduous task, here it’s just par for the course. Make sure that nothing gets out of hand food wise [see previous posts about the diet here…which has it’s own restrictions….and those have paid off], keeping as much as possible to the exercise schedule. That is something more akin to the errand runs and those include some running for the bus, walking more between shops …as long as there is a reasonable distance and lifting more, even if there is a little ‘pain’ in same. Heck, that is less expensive than a gym membership…..and more self-directed.

There is an intangible in this and that is surrounding myself with good people. As in those friends, online and off who are not just aces as people…..but and pardon the colloquialism….give a damn. To give you an example of who/what I mean…and this very short listing is in no particular order..let me name a few:

– Sky Cherry …..someone who I have known for the past 6 years of so and up til this week, we knew and spoke online or via Skype. She was in town this week on a holiday from the UK with her beau Robert and we picked up in person, where our social media chats have gone. Yeah in one day, a few hours of chatting face to face it is like we have been next door neighbors for years. That was so darn cool and I am lucky to have her as a friend, as well as a fellow pet parent *S*

– Grace H. ….a friend from twitter for YEARS who is very very much like my twin on so many things. And in a few pics, one can see why I say that. In addition…and this cannot be said enough….the support we give each other on what goes on here and where she lives in Holland…be it school, family, health, work…. makes waking up and logging on all the more worthwhile. We talk practically every day and my cats know that she is one of those many reasons why there is a smile on the face after 🙂 Because Grace is one truly amazing person *S*

– Wendy Biji….like Grace, we have known each other for years. Also like Grace, she is from Holland and we have been as close as anyone could get in this world of bits and bytes. She is as cool as she is as wonderful to talk to, wonderful to bring ideas up with and is as honest as the day is long. She, like Grace is another person what has happened here…in the way of the good…never would have come about in the way that it has, if she was not in the picture.

– Rubi Kayobi….my online partner in crime *S* Who would have known that a Brooklyn ‘tude would reside in Bloomington, Indiana???And I am happy for that one every day. Be it in text, on facebook or even voice, we sync up very well. The fact that she and her hubby Chad are down with so much makes the friendship even cooler. And like with others, there is that support for a lot too, which is genuine. Pure….and just amazing. Oh yes, she like a few others inspires me to go out there with the camera and try to match their standard.

– Mira Rodnova…one of the people I tutor and someone who has helped to restore my faith in the good that can come through the educational system. Be it here or in Russia, where she resides. When we talk, the chats are like those with that sister or relative who is so excited to wake up, see the day as another one to make a mark on…..and then repeat the day after. She like others I know are going to make one hell of a mark in this world, heck she already has in having a science article published, as well as school and other related work.

– Jon and Janet Camp…you may already know that Jon was the bassist for Renaissance, my fave living musician….but what you may not know is that he and his wife Janet are incredible folks. Really cool…..fellow cat parents, so well versed on what is really important in this life. In addition, when I speak with either, it is like being home among people one grew up with….even if they are in the UK and you are in the US. Then again, as a music fan…I did grow up with Ren being a major MAJOR  part of the soundtrack when I was a kid….and now I pass that on to not just Rae and Marty….but to my friends [case in point: the last item posted on YT used the live version Ren did of Paul Simon’s ‘America’ and this has to do with the message implied in the opening lyric, which was a message in turn for a dear buddy of mine].

– Terence Sullivan….former drummer for Renaissance….and is one hell of a person as well. There is something about those who play the skins being some of the more philosophical, grounded and at the same time …wilder people in a band. Terry is that ….as well as being one hell of a songwriter and over the years….even with the distance bet here and the UK has become one of that group of ‘Godparents’ to my cats. Oh yes…..when the classic material is on, my cats KNOW it is them and that their Godparents are raising the roof/ rocking the joint.

– Elena Mi….a long term friend…twitter and FB, cat parent and also my riding partner due to the fact we talk about business, cats, health and life overall. She is from Moscow and even with the distance, we are there for each other. No matter when. I am blessed to know there is someone like her in this world, really happy…because that shoulder has seen the kitties and I through a lot and I hope I have done the same…

– Nadya Gatllen…one of my online sisters and a really longtime friend. Even though she is in Jakarta…when we talk, it is not only like we are across the street, the block or in town, but like we have been there since day one. She knows me as well as anyone listed here, shared in the good times, comforted when they have not been so good. Plus…she is, like others in ‘my gang’, on her way to making one hell statement in this world, because she is bright. Passionate and compassionate…and inspires others because of that.

– Stephanie Adam….another one of those who will make one hell of a mark on this world. In addition to talking tech or term papers, we talk about Sherlock Holmes, cats and music. And when you know someone who hails from Vienna, that means they are blessed to have not just a rich tradition in same, but some great halls to hear same. As I tell the cats….when Stephanie makes her presence known in this world, it will be rocked.

– Max Camui and Linden Valentine…What can I say about my bros???? Bright, witty, sharp…and due to the fact there are somewhat similar journeys going on, we trade notes and have honest discussions based on same. [Oh Yeah….they are NYC ex pats, living outside of Charlotte]. That said, I am proud of both of them because they are doing this in a way where …yeah ‘that item’ is there, but it’s 1/xxxxx of what is going on. And with all that going on, I am happy to say they are a part of the Godfather Contingent that Rae and Marty have *S*

– Ana S. and Maria Karmilatova…..these two….from different parts of Russia have been and always will be part of why I am still around. They have seen me through some items here which were rather difficult, by being great friends. By having great ears, wonderful hearts. Be it via exchanges in the post, or being online…I have truly been lucky to have made friends with folks who are just plain cool and who are making others feel good about what is going on with them at the same time.

– Rachael Allen…the late night postings here get their approval from my friend and fellow writer. AND SHE IS A SUCCESSFUL ONE!!!!!!  YAY!!!!! The fact she is formerly from the Baltimore area is a real plus, because we have a great common point of reference. [having spent summers there as a kid] As in that time about 30-40 years ago, when ….while not perfect…..there was something about that area. The music, the food and in some ways the people, who were not as….well as overtly insane as recent events show. And while she and her hubby are in the UK now…all that has to happen is for one of us or a friend to bring up what we loved about that town and it’s on *S*

– Anggrika Bonita …..Someone I talk to every day, one way or another and even with the time difference between here and Jakarta…we are tight. There are many things we have in common and something says her cat, like my two know there is something special in the friendship when we connect. The meeting of the minds is amazing, the inspiration which is mutual is just as same. One cannot bottle that even if they want to… happens and is a beautiful thing…

– Ophelia Jenkins….There is something to be said about meeting someone who reminds one of all the really cool qualities of a friend from years ago. It’s as though the mindset and the beauty in same had been hanging in the air from upstate NY from all those years back and found a new home in the UK, with Ophelia’s visage. And when we talk, yeah, man….it’s as though this has been going on for many, many years. Not only does she inspire with her pics, she inspires in other ways, thanks to the wide range of the conversation. History, modern events as well as some deep issues that show even with the differences that are present, there are also some threads that are common and in turn, bring folks closer together as buds. And like with the others mentioned above, as well as those talked about in detail before….the connection is for life, thanks to the good that is here. [Oh yeah….I forgot to mention…the senior partner here has informed me on many occasions that ‘Mom, do nothing to cause a demise in this friendship, because unlike your collection of Renaissance discs, friendships cannot be picked up at a store or ordered through Amazon. And I will scratch you to no end if you do mess this one up *S*]

Again there are others…who I have listed a while back and I would be lost without them being there. No slights were meant in not listing others [including one who if you have been reading along, then you know where the heart lies there :)]…the above was a sample, a cross section. A cross section that exists because it does….an organic one, as opposed to a collection to be collecting. Friends are people…..great friends are great people and not baseball cards.


So there you have it, another dispatch from this outpost in the PNW. And in another 30 days or so, there should be another…wireless permitting…til next month….from the land of the colourtini….enjoy the words as the pics fly through the air.


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Just another geekette from the Pacific Northwest. Windows computer tech, as well as the mom to 2 cats. My blog is more or less about life; the adventures in fixing PC's, the trips to the doctors....otherwise known as my 'gang of five who keep me alive', the cats...and thoughts about a particular person who I am deeply smitten with [if the person only knew how deep that goes *S*]. Otherwise, this is ordinary.
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2 Responses to And now we set up some benchmarks for the upcoming year….as well as acknowledging those who have helped in getting to this point

  1. elenamirus says:

    I love you!!! The post is amazing😘

    • rheapdx1 says:

      THANKS ***BLUSH**** I Love You too Elena and it’s all true. If you and other folks….mentioned in this post and prior ones….were not here, a lot of the good that did happen, may not have. I have been blessed and lucky that y’all are here and that makes going through what has happened all the easier to deal with. THANKS AGAIN ***BLUSH***

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