Lest Sanity Blessedly Starts to Reign and a little Historical Perspective….

RFLKRNEW969Yes, you read the title of this right and while I am not trying to plagiaurize L. Sprague DeKamp. Very far from it, however there was some news on the business issue that makes it look as though we are really close to the end of the seemingly, neverending nightmare in re: dad’s trust and getting the business back on track. And we can thank the shark, I mean attorney we have for this. This past week, we got word that the books will be in hand soon enough.

Well more like a zipped version. It’s over 400 pages worth. You read that right….400 pages. Yes, I am sure even **** thought I was nuts when I brought up the extent of how many pages are in same. Which means that the old man, for all that we had been through, was in his own way trying to make things up to Irene and I. Granted, the overall majority of this will be dealing with the distribution of assets, order of succession, etc. But in that is what we have known for a while was there…which is the overall setup so that when problems were to hit, my sis, her children and myself would not have to worry. For some, this may sound like one is dancing on the cemetery plot, but that is not the case in the least. What this does mean is that the old man did the right thing….and considering what else was going on in the household at the time, this is something that is rather amazing.

Shifting gears here, this past week was also the one where several famous musicians had birthdays. And here two in particular have an influence in this place. One being John Lennon….need I say any more there. The other being my fave living musician, Jon Camp of Renaissance. In addition to the posts that have been made in other corners, we are friends on Facebook…as well as share several interests. As in a few other rock bands [Rush in particular] and we dig cats. On the latter, what can I say…great minds think alike *S* While I was doing research for other items, I did find some video from the last Renaissance show I went to in ROchester. 12/22/81 and this was during the tour to support ‘Camera Camera’. I did not think anyone was taping this because, well it was at a very small venue, poor lighting and other items. But someone did and even better, recorded the very seldom imitated, never to be duplicated bass solo during ‘Ashes Are Burning’. Those who have been to their concerts know that this is one of the major highlights, because Jon rips into his ax like nobody’s business, as these links will attest:

Pt 1

Pt 2


The beauty of seeing this, no matter which tour they were on was and is the fact that these were UNIQUE. Hence watching this was not just enjoyable, they were historical….which brings up another bit of history that Ren was involved in.

970545_10151955579736354_104390449_nIn this pic Ren is with Isaiah Jackson who was the conductor of the Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra during the mid 70’s. But what is really historic here is the following: they became the first MAJOR orchestra in the US to have a black conductor in residence, as well as leading same. Also, they had a major rep for playing pop concerts [no different than the Boston Pops….just did not have the PBS publicity] and of all things, Isaiah’s first pop concert was with Renaissance, during the ‘Turn of the Cards’ tour. And this is one I want to get a full audio version of for many reasons.

There is a little item to think about in this and it’s for those who only see history being worth mentioning if the person making same looks like them, or fits a particular PC mold.  Sad really, if only due to this saying that others who do same, who break similar barriers are not really that worthy. What makes this even sadder to think about is that this is done, with a rather ugly level of efficiency, by those who claim the cloak of diversity. While that word, as others are open to interpretation, it’s as though that for those said same persons, it is a positive term for some…and when used to describe others, it takes on a narrow and patronizing tone. It can make one wonder at times if those words are coming out of the mouths of adults, or more like the ramblings of those in a schoolyard trying to be the ‘Lord of the Flies’.

995215_428280117277040_1384329714_nBefore I close this one out….recently I have been posting a great deal about the Kansas City Chiefs NFL team. Reason being is that they are the ones my oldest cat likes [before it is said, cats can like music, sports, model trains, reading alongside their humans and many other things. Those who have an idea that they are only in a place to purr, etc are mistaken..Rachel and Marissa would be the first to say so]. And I have promised that one of these days, should money and other items conspire in a positive vein, we would go to where they play. But for the time being, a pic like this after they demolished the RAIDERS OF THE LOST CAUSE at Arrowhead, which is now the loudest outdoor NFL arena.

So that’s the dispatch from here for now. As I have told **** on various occasions, as well as have lectured my cats, plus those who I tutor [who are all doing damn good, thank you….I supply the research and help, they bring home the excellent grades]:  remember again that history comes in from all stripes, for reasons, good….bad…..and indifferent. Those who do want to only talk about this in the vein of what is only acceptable to their group, their agenda and their myopic opinion of the rest of the populace, they do so at their peril. If this sounds like something Rod Serling would have said,  yeah…he did…in different ways, on various occasions. And he is a major influence here on how the thought processes work.


With that…..from the land of the colourtini…enjoy the words as the pics fly through the air……




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